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We are a charitable organisation supporting young people to reach their full potential. We are here to support their every step of transformation by providing group workshops, short and long-term bespoke one-to-one trainings to assist with personal development and employability. Our service is aimed for people between the age of 14 to 25, particularly those who are at risk of, or have already experienced exclusion. 

Social Mobility

Championing upward Social Mobility, is at the heart of what we do, with the understanding that people are more than the families they were born into and where they were raised. IDENTITY, POTENTIAL, PASSION and PURPOSE are key components that we promote to determine future achievements. We encourage you to join us in changing the narrative and collaborate in presenting tangible opportunities to build cohesive and stronger communities and sustainable futures. 

What we do

We are an intervention specialist, bridging the gap between the institutions and those who are at risk, or already being excluded, to re-engage and prepare them to be re-integrated into mainstream environment through our group workshops.

Personal Development Sessions

Our intensive personal development programs are aimed for 14+ years, initial sessions will determine individuals' suitability for a group or one-to-one program.

Career and Employability Sessions

We encourage enrolling onto our career and employability sessions ideally upon completing the personal development program. Accredited Employability workshops are designed for 16+ years and adapted using an integrated approach. The focus of the workshops consists of different units to build, improve and maintain Education and Employment Training (EET) development with practical life skills.

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