About Us

I AM IN ME exists to relieve poverty for the public benefit of young people, in particular but not exclusively by providing personal development, mentoring, coaching and educational services and events that supports the development of socially and economically disadvantaged young people to build purposeful and sustainable futures.  


To break Generational cycles of Lack and Deprivation, to overcome Social, Educational and Economic Barriers.


Our vision is to Inspire, Influence and Impact communities where every young person & vulnerable adult have access to robust Personal Development, equipped with the tools to become their absolute best selves. Through the united efforts of allies.


Our mission is to develop the understanding of young people and adults from low socio economic backgrounds, to enable them to build purposeful and sustainable futures. 

“SOCIAL MOBILITY is for everyone, not just a few. It is about every single person having the chance to succeed.”

Help us to champion:

UPWARD Educational mobility

UPWARD  Occupational mobility

UPWARD Income mobility




No one's background of lack and deprivation should be the deciding factor of where they end up!