Help Us Deliver Our Services

As a charity, our services are mostly funded by grants from Trusts and Foundations. The priority is to deliver our services where it is most needed. It is a vital life-line for some young people, to be heard and to receive impartial mentoring to help navigate personal challenges and difficulties. 

We have seen many lives turn around, moving on from a disadvantaged background, to feeling motivated to build a solid foundation for their own future, whether it is in education or career aspiration. However they all have one thing in common – a positive and forward thinking mindset. 

What makes us unique is that we commit ourselves to a long-term programme because we know that change does not happen overnight. There is no such thing as a quick fix, we want to make sure that the outcome of our intervention has significant impact and is sustained for many years to come. 

We would appreciate your support, any help you could give will be invaluable to us all, and we would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support.