Our Story Sasha Gay Smith Founder of I Am In Me

Sasha Gay Smith

Founder & CEO

“Born in Jamaica to teenage parents from a low socio-economic background. I refused to believe that my start should determine how I end up in life. It is my heart’s desire that I AM IN ME will provide the space, resources and opportunity that will bring hope and change for every disadvantaged young person. Championing the notion that success is more than the family you are born into and the place where you grew up.

The inspiration to set up I AM IN ME stemmed from working in the voluntary sector at the time and witnessing the dire needs of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, often with very little hope for the future largely due to barriers arising from Social, Educational and Economic deprivation.

The name I AM IN ME was inspired through my faith that birthed an unquenchable purpose to enable Hope and Love to bring about lasting change in the lives of those most in need for a generational impact.”

Sasha holds a BA Hons in Business with Psychology, a teaching qualification and is a mentor, author and life coach. Sasha believes that positive transformation begins by breaking the generational cycles of life of lack and deprivation and by challenging social, educational and economic barrier.