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Who's Knocking: Being intentional about what you answer to

Who’s Knocking is an insight into Sasha’s personal story and lessons learned along the way that has impacted her life and changed her perspective on the importance of the choices that she makes and what that means for her wellbeing and the woman she becomes. She takes us on a journey of endurance and intentionality, with the discovery that brokenness, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness all come knocking. Conversely; love, joy, peace, kindness, forgiveness; they too come knocking, however, what we answer to determines who and what we become. Sasha invites the reader to be intentional in their decision making and in the development of self to fully realise and lead a fulfilled and purposeful life. This is with the understanding that who we are and what we become are determined by our identity and decisions, with life-changing consequences for us, our children and future generations.


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A Word From The Author

As a Teacher, Mentor and Life Coach, I set up I AM IN ME to help those most in need build purposeful and sustainable lives.

I am passionate about building and connecting with game changers nationally and internationally.

Sasha Gay Smith
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

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Sasha Gaye takes us through her personal story, but she does not complain. Instead, she encourages and empowers the reader with her story and the use of personal Bible verses that help her to pull through and succeed. Great book! You will get emotional but in the end, you are left confidently knowing that you too can overcome obstacles. Empowering!


You’ll find the pages of this story share an authentic journey of what God can do for even you! It’s a proven testimony that in the hardest time you’ll come out greater if you commit all your ways to the Lord.

Readers, I encourage you to buy the book and then give it to a young woman – this story needs to be told.

Well done, Sasha.

Christie & Daniel