One-to-one mentoring or a small group (6 sessions minimum).

1 hour every week. 

  • Identity 
  • Self-concept
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-worth
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-discipline
  • Resilience 
  • Character Building
  • Confidence
  • Being a better me
  • Accountability
  • Consequential thinking
  • Reflectiveness
  • Standard and expectations
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Choosing right peers
  • Better mental health
  • Positive decision making
  • Physical well-being
  • Engaged in learning
  • Potentials and opportunity
  • Working on strength
  • Making an effort
  • Self-belief

Skills Builder

Developed by Gatsby, The Chartered Institute of Personal and Development, The Careers & Enterprise company and Business in the Community (The Prince’s Responsible Business Network)

The Skills Builder Universal Framework is a leading tool for measuring and building essential skills. 

8 essential skills are divided into a sequence of steps, starting with absolute beginner through to mastery. 

Structured and specific 

Highly transferrable and positive impact on productivity, employability and life satisfaction. 

Physical Training
One-to-One mentoring or a small group
1 hour every week

Healthy Body/Healthy Mind

Change in Body Mass Index (BMI)

Flexibility Test

Upper Body Strength

Core Strength


Goal Setting
Group or One-to-One (3-8 sessions)
1 hour every week

Focus on the goal

Potential and Strength

Choices and Opportunities


Requirement for Career Choice

Identifying Knowledge and Skill gaps

Achievable Goals

Long Term Goals

Careers & Employability
Group or One-to-One (3-6 sessions)
1 hour every week


Financial Literacy

Job types and pay scale

Understanding Job market

CV Writing

Where & How to apply for Jobs

Interview Preparation

Careers Guidance
Group or One-to-One session (1-3 sessions)
Bespoke careers advice to support future career goals

Volunteer Match

We will match the student’s career choice of interest with a volunteer from our bank of over 50 professionals, already working in the industries. 

Career Choice

Employers and employees encounter will give an realistic perspective on the career choice and working environments.

Career Development

An opportunity to ask direct questions, envisaging working life and understanding the long term potential and openings for further career development and opportunities. 

Highfield Qualification
Employability skill qualifications have been developed to provide individuals with the knowledge and understanding to broaden their opportunities in employment in a range of different occupational sectors.

The Highfield Level 1

Certificate in Personal Development in Employability (RQF) gives learners the initial helping hand preparing them for the working environment. The qualification gives learners the opportunity to try a variety of different employment-based skills and work related tasters, giving them options and flexibility as they prepare for working life. (130h)

Completing a job application form
Job Researching
Effective Teamwork
Preparing for an interview
Health and Safety in the workplace

The Highfield Level 2

Certificate in Personal Development for Employability (RQF) is designed for learners to try a variety of employment based skills and a range of work related tasters. Learners will have flexibility and options as they prepare to enter the workplace. (130h)

Completing a job application form
Job Researching
Effective Teamwork
Preparing for an interview
Health and Safety in the workplace
Working as a volunteer
Building working relationships with customers
Preparing for work placement
The rules to deliver customer service
Fire Safety Awareness
The range of service provision and roles within health and safety social care (adults, children and young people) , early years and childcare.

I AM IN ME is an approved Highfield Centre, offering the following qualification: Highfield Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development for Employability (RQF)

Focusing On:
Positive Attitudes & Behaviour at work Produce a CV
Preparing for an interview
Searching for a Job
Applying for a Job
Managing your own money
Learning from work placement

Our approach to careers is intentional. We host careers events that provide a space for young people from low socio economic backgrounds to engage with a diverse group of professionals. With a opportunity for long term mentorship. 

Our approach showcase:

1. Upward Educational Mobility

2. Upward Occupational Mobility

3. Upward Income Mobility