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I Am In Me uses a unique integrated approach which allows us to work with those most in need to facilitate positive growth and further development. The result is improved wellbeing, enabling transformative results personally, academically and professionally.

Personal Development

We provide intensive one to one session to support the development of strong internal resources: resilience, tenacity, growth mindset, self-awareness, self-reflection and emotional intelligence.


Focusing on:

Business Start Up

Our approach to business start-up includes journeying with our clients from concept to trade. Our person-centred approach acknowledges and work with the individual needs to get the best outcome. The notion of what it means to run your own business is broken down to fit the individual learning style to facilitate success. Our model is comprised of 3 phases:

1. Why am I the best person to do this? - Exploration of what it is to run your own business

2. Will this work – Is my plan viable?

3. Regular Business Coaching sessions up to 1 year after the business is set up.

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