"The sessions have helped me to develop and focus on my business. The support has helped me spiritually and mentally."

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I AM IN ME helped 18 year old Lucas sign up to several short business courses to upskill his business knowledge. He also received Personal Development coaching which helped him with self awareness. "My coach understood me and the issues I faced. The sessions helped me to understand my own power, taking control when faced with different issues."

Join us at I AM IN ME.  Rediscover your own power. 

Unemployed single parent of 3 children, Yasmine faced a crisis. She struggled to maintain employment beyond probation period, when she first contacted the charity. After 8 fortnightly sessions, her thinking and emotional intelligence improved, which helped to improve her over work performance in her new paid job and now being able to secure a new accommodation. "My trainer is a great life coach and helped me with some awesome advice."

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Learning essential life skills was a big step for Simon who is in his mid-20s. Simon has a special educational need as well as physical disability. He is also an ex-offender and unemployed. He was referred to us by a probation service and has had over 15 weekly sessions with the charity. Simon was successful in securing a full-time college course to help with future employment and independence.

“The sessions helped me not to reoffend and help me get ready for work and improve my confidence.”

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18 year old Salome felt anxious because she did not achieve enough grades for a university course.  Feeling devastated and self-doubt, she worried about her future education and career prospect when she contacted I AM IN ME.  After 12 fortnightly Personal Development and Career sessions, she regained her confidence, resilience and the sense of self-worth, she secured a university course in Nursing.

“I was able to achieve and be more confident in myself in going forward from leaving sixth form, for example, whether it was with further education or work experience, the support that was given to me gave me that encouragement to keep on seeking the career or field I want to achieve, even though the journey wasn’t the same like everybody else, and took longer. I AM IN ME motivated me letting me know that everyone has a different journey and that's okay.”

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Saul has an ambition to start his own business, but struggled with planning, budgeting, and his own mindset when he was faced with challenges.

Over 11 weekly Personal Development and Career sessions with I AM IN ME, he went through a positive transformation. Improved organisational skills helped him move forward with his business plans, as well as his mental well-being which helped him cope better in difficult situations.

“The biggest impact the sessions have had on me is it gives my business, my life and me a reset, each session is a target to work towards and a target to work from. So regardless of what maybe going on throughout the month, I am able to keep in mind that I need to prepare and be ready for my session with Sasha, then after the session, everything is left behind, focused is restored and I move forward.” 

Join us at I AM IN ME.  Reset and we can restart together. 


Hosea was 22 when he contacted I AM IN ME. He was unemployed and he struggled to manage his emotions which lead him to many troubles. After 5 weekly sessions with I AM IN ME, his was more in control of his emotions and learned a practical skill to reset himself. I AM IN ME helped improve his CV and he managed to secure full-time employment.

“The sessions helped me to focus and get things done.”

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Miryam is 18 and had a difficult childhood and relationship with her parents. She came in contact with I AM IN ME seeking for help. Miryam successfully engaged with professional counselling sessions, and I AM IN ME worked with her weekly for 6 sessions. Her resilience improved as well as her skills to reset herself and now she has enrolled into a university to study nursing.

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You are not alone; we are here to help.


Aaron was 24 and went through some difficult time. He was an ex-offender and had 3 children with a partner he no longer sees, homeless and struggled with anxiety.

I AM IN ME saw Aaron for intensive sessions for over 12 months and saw a huge improvement. He is no longer anxious, and with a positive mindset he is able to maintain a paid employment which also enabled him to secure permanent accommodation. 

“It has made a big impact on my life, to be able to show my children, that regardless of the mistakes you make there are people that actually care and want to help and that not everyone is out there to see you fail.”  The support has meant so much to me, it’s been a lifeline to know that you don’t get judged by your past but what you want to achieve in the future.”

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The names in these testimonials have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals